iPhone 11 Review - by Nathan Hawkins


So, the iPhone 11 came out today (20th September) and here is my experience with it so far.

The iPhone 11 has a A13 bionic chip which means that it is more faster than the X, XS, XS Max and XR which run on a A12 Bionic chip.


So the iPhone 11 front-facing camera allows you to take slow-motion video or as Apple calls it (Slofies). This means that making slow-motion videos has never been easier. When I have been making slow motion videos in the past, I had to use the back camera which is very hard because I can’t tell if the camera is facing at me. The Back-Facing camera is much better than other models. You now have the option of a wide angle shot. So you can get everything in the room in just one photo.


The iPhone 11 has a Liquid Retina display which means that showing all types of colours is easier! It also has a True-Tone display which means that it is more easier on the eyes. The displays size is 6.1 inches (same as iPhone XR) and feels comfortable when holding.


Overall, this phone is pretty unique in its own way, if you want to buy the iPhone 11, I suggest you should. If you don’t want 2 cameras, go for the iPhone XR which came out last year! I would recommend the iPhone 11 because it comes in more colours than the iPhone XR including Purple.